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The Core Accounting Solutions (CAS) would provide an accounting software solution for the Civil Accounts Organization with the specific objective of leveraging the existing IT capability and application software funtionalities  for developing an intergrated accounting system for all levels of usage with seamless interface and data communication;Providing a structured plan for connectivity issues linking the PAOs with PrAOs,CGA and external entities wherever possible;Minimizing the transaction costs and reduce cheque float time by adopting electronic payment systems; and Ensuring a secure single point data capture of transaction data therby eliminating duplication of work and data inconsistency.
G2G EGovernance Initiatives
The CoreAccounting Solution  (CAS) would provide an electronic payment and accounting software solution for the Civil Accounts Organization
with the objective of improving efficiency and accuracy of accounting process.Built on and around COMPACT running at Pay and Accounts Offices and other offline interfaces it would provide a system of  core accounting with integration of daily,monthly and annual accounting process for value added reporting and monitoring mechanism.
The CGA Organizations strategic IT vision and plan,aims
to achieve the following Key Objectives through an Inte-
Comprehensive It-enabled
Accounting Solution
Enhanced Transperency while
ensuring Secure Systems
Enhanced Financial Manage-
ment Services
Improved Accounting Process
Increased Client Orientation Technology Innovation
Features & Requirements
Internet Connectivity at each PAO
for daily account abstract upload.
Day Closing and Generation of
Compiled abstract for each PAO.
DATA ACCESS through User-
Simple User interface to update
Data at Central Database Server
from each PAO.
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